Saturday, 6 September 2014

Corporate Branding and some random thoughts

Welcome back!  So for anyone who saw the original version of this page you will notice I now have a snazzy new banner image paying tribute to 40K's 2nd Edition logo.  Full credit and eternal gratitude for this goes to Jay-C of the Promotion Wars community who put this together as a favour to me.  Cheers Jay!

So, onto some actual content - I hope to have a post that actually contains some miniatures up this weekend;  this will be drawing upon either my vintage Blood Angels or my ongoing 2nd Edition Orks project - does anyone have any preference?  Let me know in the comments please.

A hint at things to come:

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  1. I see you have 2 copies of 40k 2nd edition would you part with one? Been after it for a while.