Saturday, 6 September 2014

A bit of Rogue Trader in Visions!

So, like many of you I'm not a regular purchaser of Warhammer: Visions, but I did pick up the latest issue on a whim in WH Smiths yesterday. 

This won't be a long post about White Dwarf / Visions or the current state of Games Workshop, I do have my own views on all of these but I'll save those for another day.

As I was contentedly flicking through the impressive photography in the magazine I came to a section showing a selection of Golden Demon entries (I assume these are last years but it isn't stated), and I came across a "Classic Ork" by Chris Blair. 

A very impressive piece of paintwork in my opinion, even if it is in a more modern "technical" style than the 90s 'Eavy Metal style I like.  Nice to see an old sculpt getting some time in the publications too.

Interestingly the opposite page shows a single Epic Scale Terminator entered in the Open competition - more acknowledgement of something not in publication.  We can hope eh?

(Please pardon the iPhone photos I'm using thus far, I hope to get myself a new camera shortly which should increase the quality)

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