Monday, 25 August 2014

An introduction of sorts....

So, welcome to my new blog.  Inspired by the Oldhammer community at large and with a particular shout to Orlygg at Realm of Chaos 80s, I will be posting about my various wargaming projects and collections, all of which will have a distinctly retro feel.

I should point out at this point that I have no idea how Blogger works, so please bear with me while the page looks horrific and hopefully I can build it into something worthwhile!

By way of an introduction to me;  I got into wargaming as most people did - through Games Workshop and their warhammer ranges.  I started off in late 1996 with the Citadel Paint Set (the red one that came with a Chaos Warrior and one of the plug-together Space Marines), shortly followed by the 2nd Edition 40K box for Christmas.

Over the years I collected 40K, Fantasy, Gorkamorka, Space Hulk and Inquisitor before other interests took over as they do and the models were consigned to the back of the cupboard.  Under demands to clear up when I left for University I actually binned much of my old collection including my old Space Hulk and Gorkamorka boxes and my White Dwarf collection which ran from issue 204 to somewhere around 2002.

Like many collectors I returned to the hobby much later now furnished with the funds of full time employment and the desire to revisit an old pastime.  It was actually reading Dan Abnett's novels and the start of the Horus Heresy series that got me back into the hobby and digging out the few survivors of The Clearout(tm).

I will endeavour to get some real content up shortly,  early posts will cover my existing collection and recent acquisitions and I will be moving on to painting my first miniatures since approximately 2001!

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