Friday, 26 August 2016

Warhammer World - On Arrival

I'd like to preface this with an apology, my blog does link to the Oldhammer Forum and there will be material in upcoming posts which do not fit that criteria.  Hopefully it doesn't put anyone off too much!

This was my first visit to Games Workshop's HQ and to Nottingham in general, so I had little idea what to expect.  I remember when they moved to the Lenton site and the building was pictured in White Dwarf (I think even before they got the Space Marine out front).  Our satnav took us from our hotel across town, passing along Castle Boulevard at one point which I got a little excited by, until it told us we'd arrived at the entrance to an unassuming industrial estate.

The main HQ building actually sits slightly into the street so you don't immediately see the oft-photographed Statue and reception area, but rather the back of a separate building which had signs for an ominous "Security Check".  If anyone can tell me what the layout of the site is, please do comment below.

As we were rather early, we had some time to kill so wandered the areas outside Warhammer World itself until opening time.

Now as most people will have seen, the famous Space Marine at reception was replaced a year or so ago with one of the new fangled Stormcast Eternals.  Its actually still quite an impressive thing to see outside a corporate HQ.  My quick snap attempt at getting an epic backlit silhouette can be seen failing above.  There is a better photo on my better half's phone which I will obtain later.

The Marine statue himself hasn't gone far, and has been set up in the extensive carpark with a screen behind him to make a bit of a photo op.  A passing GW staffer saw our tragic attempts at selfie'ing this and took our photo with him which again I will post up once I get it downloaded.

Also in the carpark you will find this.

Yes, its Games Workshop's very own life size Rhino.  A modern APC of some form dressed up to look the part but undoubtedly a very cool feature to have at the entrance to your visitor centre.  I presume its never run since installation however I have seen the one that was made for the makers of the Dawn of War PC games online, making short work of small hatchbacks.

A nice little plaque displays the in-world specs of the mighty Rhino, while and altogether more modern health and safety sign tells us peasants to stay off!

After about 20 minutes of hanging around in the uncharacteristically summery weather, the blacked out glass doors of Warhammer World opened and we entered into the lobby.  A few small display cases display some of the stuff for sale - essentially there was one for Citadel, one for Forge World and one displaying some of the Bugman's and other exclusive items.

A short flight of stairs bedecked with long artwork posters leads you up and into the centre proper.....

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