Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Warhammer World - The Oldhammer Collection (Part 2)

Hello all, with a typically long delay (I was on holiday and getting engaged, thank you for asking) I present part 2 of my photo dump of the Games Workshop Studio display of Oldhammer items.

These are not split by the cabinets they are displayed in, rather I have tried to group them more by era and type.

Today's selection shows you some of the early books on show, including a rather fresh looking copy of Realm of Chaos, and a number of the early 40k boxes including the Land Raider and the Ork Raiders set which includes a display of them painted - I'm not certain if these are GW's original set or a later addition but I'm sure someone out there will do.

Also included here are a few snaps of the famous John Blanche undead diorama replete with GW's very old Victoria St address.  I've seen a lot of photos of this over the years so it was very exciting to see it in person.

Until next time!

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